Day & Night Project

So we took a walk in our hometown and found Cloud9 Poledancing studio right in the center of the city. Cloud9 is a sunny place located on the 3rd and 6th floor of an old building, next to a Catholic church. Kinda helps you understand where the name came from. Inside the studio we met all kinds of pole dancers giving out great vibes. We immediately felt the connection with three beautiful pole instructors Iro, Xenia and Anna who agreed to spend the day dancing wearing our very first collection, created for A/W 2021. Before we knew it the sun went down and we knew that the night lights deserved some shots as well. So we kept going.The result was breathtaking! Take a look and tell us you don't agree.

High cut leg rise, warm fabrics, fine quality, earthy colors are some of this winter colection's characteristics.


Dancres: @iro_anastasiadou, @anna_aloupi, @xenia_97s

Video/ Editing: @archo.g

Studio: @cloud9_poledancing

Hotcakes featured: Fuzzy Set, Athletic Sets in mauve and light blue, Oreo Bodysuit, Sage Set, Midnight Set.

We love our dancers. We want our clothing to make them feel inspired and creative.