Who We Are

We are Thomis, Plousia and Maro and we are the HotCakes team!

Hello everyone!

We are Maro, Plousia and Thomis and we are the Hotcakes team!
Maro and Plousia are both professional pole dancers and Thomis, is a well known fashion designer.

The idea of Hotcakes popped out, because we had to work together many times, to create costumes for dancers and athletes for tons of events. It seemed like we were looking for the same things: originality, quality and class.

At some point we realized that we shared the vision of a very special pole brand that would combine our knowledge and personalities. So, we stirred them up, baked them together and a steaming hot, fresh-out-the-oven polewear brand was created.

What you should know about Hotcakes, is that we love our pole dancers, so we are always looking for original and premium fabrics to create comfy, sexy and sophisticated designs to match your pole practice and performance needs.

Maro, Plousia and Thomis

Hotcakes team!

    Our recipe

    - a cup of dreamy texture
    - a tablespoon of elegance
    - a pinch of glitter
    - a dash of sass
    - and our secret ingredient…YOU