We always like to work with dancers. It's fascinating for us to watch the diversity and range of movement each of them has to offer. The way they interpret the sound and the feelings they create, using a pole, a dancefloor, the water or their imagination. We love to see how our clothes follow and obey their vision and become part of the show.

First time we saw Maria move was jaw dropping so, we just had try and capture her movement somehow. Her flow, sometimes liquid and others wild and untamed, was all we dreamt for this collection. Her energy kept transforming from "pure vanilla" to a "wild child" only to end up in a sinful "eden" illuminated by "sunset blvd". If you haven't met her, we think it's time you should...

Here we are. Breathe. Absorb. . . .


Video/Editing: @archo.g
Dancer: @maria_youme
Location: A beautiful place in Chalkidiki Greece
Hotcakes featured: PURE VANILLA neoprene top & bikers, WILD THING neoprene top & bikers, EDEN bikini top in black and SUNSET BLVD shorts in mauve.


We love our dancers. We want our clothing to make them feel inspired and creative.