"Party Girls"

Two girls we know very well. Two of our favorite pole dancers. Talented, experienced and fun to be around. Two Party Girls, Lorenza and Maro!

Lorenza Peronne is an enchanting and powerful human. Instructor, creator, studio owner, well known for her incomparable flow, on and off the pole, but we adore everything about her! Those huge eyes, the sweet voice ( curses a lot too) and untaimed spirit. We fell in love with this Italian girl from the first day we met her, a few years ago and we've always wanted to create something unique with her. Brought her to Greece and magic happened!

Maro Damdoumi is a member of the Hotcakes family. Hotcakes co-baker, founder and co- owner of Cloud9 Poledancing Studio, "What If You Fly" co-organizer, pole champion and coach and the list goes on... Beautiful, determined, inspiring. A strong woman and a true achiever. 

Bringing those two dancers together was a real party, wanna taste?

Dancers: @lorenzaperrone, @maro_damdoumi
Hotcakes featured: Toffee Set, Dahlia Set, Raspberry and Blackberry Bodysuit, Jade Set.
Video and editing: @cre8.elements
Hair/ Make up: @tekiraa, @braidbar_skg/ @maro_damdoumi


We love our dancers. We want our clothing to make them feel inspired and creative.