"Notion" A/W2023

So you are a dancer, right? And the sun hits your eyes and you get that fuzzy warm feeling, you know it’s time to wake up. You can’t wait to hit the studio and that song, that’s stuck in your head for days, just makes you more eager…So you get dressed with something comfy, and you go and grab your morning tea or coffee, not that you need the energy, you just love the taste. You walk into that store and omg that song is on. So you start to move, in your mind. You create little shapes and you can almost feel the air through your hair in every turn and your clothes just fit so perfectly, there’s nothing stopping you. You feel excited now and as you head to the studio you wanna listen to it again. The road is your dance floor and people see you walk with your coffee in your hands, but inside, you keep dancing. Trees are your dancing partners, road signs are your poles, even parked cars seem like a great prop. Your musicality just takes over. And then you are finally home! The studio is your safe place, you can unleash that energy and that’s exactly what you will do. Dance.

Katerina Paraschou is muse material. We were so happy to work with such a talented and kind human.

Cre8.elements behind the camera and editing.

Special thanx to @fathercoffee.gr and @cloud9_poledancing for hosting us 🖤

Outfits: Paloma Set, Voyeur Sweater & Leggings, Pink Coral Shorts, Matcha Latte Set, Savanna Sky

We love our dancers. We want our clothing to make them feel inspired and creative.