Eurydice Bikini Top - aquamarine



Eurydice was one of the many nymphs of the sea in Greek mythology, involved in a great love story with Orpheus. This summer we were so inspired by the mythical Nereids and the mermaid core vibes and we want you to feel it too! We've designed the perfect bikini to make you feel like you're wearing sea shells on your body in this metallic aquamarine shade that's giving tropical waters.

  • metallic texture
  • adjustable tie-around laces
  • fully lined
  • comes in two colors
  • can be tied in more than one ways
  • perfect match with Eurydice Bottom in aquamarine


    Size & Fit

    Asiko is wearing XS/S. Eurydice top runs true to size.

    Care tips

    Super zercey. 94% polyester, 6% spandex. Hand wash at 30°C. Remember to rinse after the beach.

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