Hippolyte Bodysuit


According to the Greek mythology, Hippolyte, was the ferocious and respected queen of the Amazons. Her excellence in the battlefield ran in her blood as her father was Ares, the God of War himself. Hippolyte's girdle was a gift from her father that later challenged many known hero quests.

The feminine figures of Greek mythology are a source from which we often draw inspiration from. This one though, was a very importand project for us not only for the complexity of the design, but also for the meaning it bears for us. Through Hippolyte Bodysuit, we hoped to channel powerful feminine energy, both dark and bright, for all the artists out there who need their outfit to reflect their inner strength or for those who need some inspiration in order to find and embody fierce and assertive energy. We hope this design meets its purpose.

  • metallic vegan leather harness comes with the bodysuit
  • harness comes in two sizes (one for sizes  xs/s & s/m and one for m/l and l/xl) and is fully adjustable
  • amazing 3D embroidery from the neckline to the shoulders
  • long sleeves from elastic fine tulle
  • open back
  • moderate coverage
  • vinyl main body
  • chain bracelet tag at the tip of the sleeve

Size & Fit

Alis Burning Heels (the artist) is wearing XS/S. Her measurements are 84cm (bust), 65cm (waist), 92cm (hips). Hippolyte Bodysuit runs true to size.

Care tips

Platinum harness is made of 80% vegan leather and 20% bamboo. Vinyl part is 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. Tulle is 72% polyester, 20% spandex and 8% elastane.

Do not machine wash. Treat her with care and hand wash at 30°C. Let her dry in horizontal position and not while hanging. Do not wash the harness, gently clean with dry wipes.

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